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      Deoiling Agent YM-100

      Product Name:  Deoiling Agent YM-100

      Ionicity:  Anionic

      Ionicity: White powder 

      Main Composition: Inorganic and organic substance, etc.

      Properties: This product is applied into the pretreatment of polyester, nylon, cellulose acetate fiber, spandex and blended fabric, because the chemical fiber fabric is sprayed with considerable wire drawing oil while conducting wire-drawing, and the chemical fiber products have hydrophobic property and electrostatic precipitation effect which is hard to be cleansed by common detergent, this product could remove the wire-drawing oil stain thorough mechanical circulation rinsing so as to make sure the fabric has satisfying capillary effect, even and soft in whiteness, which makes it a desirable auxiliary for dyeing pretreatment.

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