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      Multifunctional Scouring Bleaching Agent DX-9551A

      Product Name: Multifunctional Scouring Bleaching Agent DX-9551A

      Ionicity: Nonionic

      Ionicity: White powder 

      Main Composition: Macromolecular substance, etc

      Properties: New multifunctional environmental-friendly pretreatment auxiliary, combing the effect of Scouring, stabilizing, permeating, chelating and dispersing, which need no hydrogen peroxide stabilizer and Scouring agent but only need to be added into hydrogen peroxide so as to reach to the applied effect of desizing, scouring and bleaching, with slight injury to the fiber and low weight loss; it is low foaming product which is suitable for pretreatment of yarn, towel and knitted fabric. 

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